Starting from Scratch or Semi-Homemade, DIY Curtain Projects You Can Totally Pull Off

Some people might consider curtains a luxury, others a necessity. If you think about the many benefits that curtains provide, I’d err on the side of necessity. Sure they make a great design statement in a room, but they also can give the illusion of larger windows, create privacy, block out hot summer sun, add a layer between cold winter drafts, and get a nursery ready for nap time. But not all styles, windows, and budgets are alike, so when it comes to curtains, don’t shy away from making them yourself, either completely from scratch or with the help of existing materials. Here’s a roundup of project ideas to get you started…


Dip-Dyed Curtain Tutorial (Above) If you’re not a seamstress or seamster, semi-homemade curtains might be the way to go. Customize plain curtains using techniques like dip-dyeing, as seen over on Homepolish.

Target-Hack Pleated Curtains Also in the semi-homemade category, Jeran from takes existing Target curtains and transforms them into luxuriously pinch-pleated curtains using a seam ripper, sewing machine, and pleater hooks and tape.

Hand-stamped Curtain Tutorial If you want more playful custom curtains, why not try out stamping as an option. Purchase or reuse some blank curtains, create a custom design on rubber carving block and get to stamping. This project is perfect for nurseries and kids rooms.


DIY IKEA No-Sew Pom Pom Curtains So sewing isn’t your thing…great! You can easily create these fun pom pom curtains without pulling out the sewing machine. Lauren shows you how to use IKEA curtains and a few craft supplies to get the look.

N0-Sew Tablecloth Bistro Curtains If you’re in need of an easy bistro curtain hack, try using an existing tablecloth as the starting point for your next window-treatment project. Select a tablecloth with a fun pattern and tassels like the one used for this Better Homes & Garden project.

No-Sew Painted Drop Cloth Curtains If you have a hardware or paint store nearby, you can definitely do this project. Grab a pair of drop cloths, a grommet kit, and some paint and you’ll be well on your way to new curtains like Stephanie’s.


DIY Roman Shade Tutorial Roman shades are a very practical window covering, especially when you don’t want extra fabric hanging down, and are a very doable DIY project as Christina of The DIY Mommy proves. It does require a sewing machine, but the end result is totally worth the extra effort.


DIY Canvas Roller Curtains

Similar to Roman shades, roller curtains are great for high traffic areas (glass doors, kitchen windows, etc.) and you can learn how to make your own over on The Painted Hive.

DIY Rustic Burlap Roller Curtains For a more rustic look, try making this burlap roller curtain to add privacy while not blocking out light throughout the day. Check out the tutorial over on Food52.


DIY Black-Out Curtain Tutorial Every nursery, and perhaps every bedroom, deserves a set of black out curtains. The problem is, they don’t always come in the greatest materials. Hence why making your own might be the way to go. Chelsea from has a great tutorial.


DIY Curtains Using Scarves Another way to make your own curtains is by using assorted vintage scarves. See how Ashley sewed her favorite scarves together to create a vibrant and unique window treatment perfect for adding color and interest to any room.



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