The 5 Minute Fix: Inspiring (& Inexpensive) Ways to Freshen Up Your Bedroom Fast

Does your bedroom lack a certain something? You don’t have to spend a ton of time to inject a little style into your space. Try one of these quick fixes—five things you can do to amp up your look in five minutes or less.

Add a throw

Never underestimate the power of a stylish throw to amp up the look of a room. Whatever’s missing from your bedroom—be it color, pattern or even texture—you can add it in with a simple textile. Just fold that thing neatly (or drape it artfully) at the foot of the bed and you’re ready to go. Above, a bright blue throw adds a welcome dose of color to this bedroom from My Domaine.

Hang a wall hanging behind the bed

Whether you choose a smaller-scale wall hanging or something big, like a flag or rug, this is a great way to add a little pizzazz to your space (and much cheaper than a picture in a traditional frame).

Paint a headboard

Okay, depending on how quick and precise a painter you are, this project may take you 15 minutes, or even half an hour, but it’s still a fast one. The idea is simple: if your bed lacks a headboard, you can make one by simply taping off a square behind the bed and filling it in with paint. This will give your bedroom a focal point, and your bed a sense of permanence, without taking up any space (or much time) at all. This DIY from Paper & Stitch will show you how to create a headboard in no time at all.

Organize your nightstand with a tray

Trays have an almost magical ability to make a grouping of disparate items look intentional and even beautiful. Try one on your nightstand. Suddenly, all the various things that collect there will look less like clutter and more like a bold design statement. This is also a great trick for the top of a vanity or dresser. In the above image from The White Company, via Food & Wine, a lacquered tray makes for a stylish, organized nightstand.

Lean an oversize piece of art on your nightstand

An unexpected alternative to hanging an oversize piece of art over your bed is leaning one on top of your nightstand, like the one seen here, from My Domaine. (This can work with smaller pieces, too, although the one shown here certainly makes a big impact.) One advantage to this approach? Absolutely no hanging required.



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