You’re Not The Only One Thinking It: Hilariously Relatable Tweets About Minimalism

Paring down and living a more minimalist life sounds amazing in theory, but when you’re a “stuff” person—someone who owns a lot of things and tends to form emotional attachments to them—it can be a serious challenge to downsize. Even getting rid of stuff you never use and really don’t need to keep can be a struggle—sometimes you have an attachment because it was a gift or has sentimental meaning, or sometimes you just have guilt because it’s something you spent money on and you feel wasteful not holding on to it. In any case, letting go is difficult, even when you actively want to pare down.

There are plenty of tricks and tips you can use (like the 10/10 Rule, or even the 90/90 Rule) to help you make those major decluttering decisions a little less painful, but this isn’t about solving the problem—it’s about commiserating with strangers on the internet who share your same sentiments about minimalism and why it’s so damn difficult.

If you’re an aspiring (or currently struggling) minimalist but deep down you’re a maximalist at heart, good news: you’re not alone, and these tweets prove it.

How can you be expected to pare down when you need everything?

Yes, that includes your entire Care Bear collection.

And all your old schoolwork, too. It might come in handy!

Can you be a minimalist with a maximalist wardrobe?

Because sometimes you need a pair for every mood.

And when you love something, you buy it in every color.

Trying to become a minimalist seems to set you up for failure.

It’s more than just decluttering, it’s a lifestyle.

Minimalism: The eternal struggle for stuff people everywhere.

If you do want help downsizing, take it from people who have actually downsized—these New Yorkers really know what they’re talking about.



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