Keep Your Entryway Clutter-Free With This DIY Acrylic Organizer — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

We all need a little more organization in our lives. One thing I wasn’t expecting was how hard it was to find a letter organizer that matched the rest of our decor and could be mounted in the tiny two-foot wall space of our entryway. And when you can’t find a solution, you DIY it! This one can be customized with different colored acrylic or painting/staining the wood.

What You Need



  • Drill (optional)
  • Router (optional)


Step 1. Cut your acrylic sheets and wood to size. Using mail around the apartment plus a little border for dry erase messages as measurement guides, my two acrylic pieces measure 10″x 1.25″ & 10″x 7″. The wood piece measures 10″x 2″. If you already have your pieces cut to size, skip ahead to spraying your wood piece with lacquer. This seals the wood so it won’t soak up the glue.

Tip #1: Go to the lumber section of your hardware store and find .25″ thick craft board in the width you want. One 2 ft piece was $2 versus buying a whole board. Win!

Tip #2: If you don’t want to risk cracking or scratching the acrylic while cutting, get it cut in store. Certain Lowe’s and Ace Hardware offer acrylic sheet cutting specifically, which means they have the tools and know how. Cuts are typically around a $1- well worth it!

Step 2. Sand any part of the acrylic that will be glued with a low-grit sandpaper. Keep the protective film on the acrylic or tape off sections with painter’s tape to prevent scratching the rest of the piece.

Step 3. To attach the acrylic pieces to the wood, there are a few options for beginners to pro DIYers:

Option 1: Glue the pieces together.
Option 2: Glue the small acrylic piece down and drill the back acrylic piece to the wood.
Option 3: Route out a channel for the wood pieces, which may or may not require polymer glue if the cuts are too wide.

Glueing the acrylic and wood together is definitely the easiest mode and the superglue can hold its own against paper envelopes. Routing will give the most clean lines, but the back acrylic piece will not be flush with the wood. Drilling the back piece is a good option if you need a large surface area and want to mount your letter organizer to the wall with something stronger than Command Strips.

I went with straight glueing and am very pleased with the Gorilla glue! The nozzle was thin enough for precise application and didn’t spill over. Just be careful to follow the directions for maximum hold.

Use a scrap piece of wood to brace the front acrylic piece while it sets. After the glue is fully cured, you’re done! Or….

Stick on some Command Strips for a renter friendly entryway organizer. I’ve put up everything from 25 pound mirrors to sunglasses racks, so these can handle a few pieces of mail.

In conclusion, this is a really simple DIY (especially if you get your cuts done in store!) for a modern organizer. And who knows? Maybe it will make sorting through mail a little more chic.

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