The Best Purple Wall Paint Color Comes from a Surprising Source

When John and Melissa bought their Pennsylvania home, they wanted to create a space that would grow and evolve with them and their family. That’s why choosing the right wall paint color was even more crucial: They wanted something bold, timeless, and flexible. In addition, their paint choice had to be versatile enough to accommodate future additions to their home — perhaps a new sofa or different wall art. The winning hue is purple, and the source for this shade is surprising!

In the end, Devine Starlight was the perfect choice for their home. So what is it about this specific purple hue that makes it such a success in this home? While it’s technically purple, we’re not talking Barney the dinosaur. Nor is this the kind of shade you’d find on Barbie packaging. (Both fine colors for their intended purposes, but not always great when you’re aiming for a sophisticated living room wall color.)

This contemporary shade of purple deserves a shout out for its ability to straddle the line between “bold color” and “beautiful neutral.” It’s just dark enough that it feels like the home is wrapped in a fun color, but just gray enough that it performs like a neutral. The subtlety of this shade has the versatility found in other neutral paint colors like greys, blacks, and beiges (just with with an extra punch).

You can see proof of this color’s versatility in how it interacts with the other colors and materials in the space. Natural textures like the wood shelves and green houseplants pop against the living room wall. Red accessories create energy elegantly when paired with the purple wall paint color. The white lines contrast against the dramatic wall, as seen below with the wall shelves and the trim. Most colors would pair well with Devine Starlight; it certainly does in this home!

Devine Starlight is sold at Target. Below are some similar purple paint colors from other paint manufacturers that can bring the flexibility of neutral colors to your home, but are contemporary and bold at the same time — perfect for transforming any space:



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