Love Bread? Prove It With These Baked Goods Lamps

Do you love bread? Now you can—ahem—prove it, not just with a GIF of Oprah or by obsessively watching and rewatching every Bread Week episode of the Great British Bake Off, but with a lamp that’s actually made from baked goods.

This glutinous carbo load of design decadence is the brainchild of Japanese artist Yukiko Morita, a former baker who has turned her love of yeasted dough into a design object.

She uses actual baked goods, which are baked normally, then hollowed out and coated in a resin to prevent decay. They are then lit with LEDs to create the most delicious lamps you’ve ever seen. The collection includes baguettes, croissants, batards, boules, coupes, and champignons, which are all powered by a single AA battery.

Morita originally debuted the Pampshade collection at Tokyo Design Week this year, and then more recently brought it to the capital of carbs—France—for Maison et Objet in Paris.

Pampshades are available online for 7,670 yen to 20,410 yen (about $68 to $182) via her shop, with shipping to Japan as well as internationally.

So stop loafing around and order one, if you have the dough. Challah at us if you do, or you’re toast. And baguette ready to be kneaded, because you’re clearly the breadwinner.

h/t Designboom



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