Tiny is Out, Extremely Teeny Tiny is In

Oh, is that a tiny house you have there? Well we see your 200 square foot home and raise you…some incredibly small candles. Miniatures are having a moment, they’re adorable and completely Instagram-worthy. And while we’ve showcased some incredibly well designed dollhouses before, the good folks over at The Cut are profiling the movers and shakers of the miniature world, inspiring us to take a look at some of the cutest, Borrower-sized home goods around.

The Daily Miniature pulls some of the most impressive miniatures from across Instagram into one feed, often placing them next to coins and fingers so you can get a true sense of just how diminutive everything is. You’ll find tomatoes, purses and some furniture finds you’ll wish were full human sized.

When asked why it is that we derive such pleasure from extremely small versions of everyday things, Anthropologist Merry White told The Cut, “I think it relates to the way you feel when you’re in a cathedral. The enormity and intricate detail of the space are awe-­inspiring, and humans can experience a flipped ­version of that awe when looking at meticulously reproduced tiny things. That something can be that small is a wonder.”

While miniatures are nothing new (the Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago were first constructed in 1932), it is fascinating to see cute, common items of our everyday lives scaled down to an adorable size. And if you’re thinking of dipping your toes into the waters of miniature making, you can try this IKEA hack.

Head on over to The Cut for a history lesson, the best miniature spots in New York and a tiny donut tutorial.

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