Watch Your Step: This Viral Optical Illusion Carpet Is Driving Twitter Crazy

How uncomfortable does the above floor make you? If you’re like some on Twitter, the answer is very.

Have no fear, though—the floor is flat and the carpet is causing an optical illusion. Australian YouTuber Muselk posted about the visual trickery last week calling it evil, and the tweet has over 150,000 likes and 77,000 retweets.

The rug, made by Ege Carpets, has made the internet rounds before. The company posted the photos of it to its Facebook page back in 2014, and Nerdist wrote about it in 2015.

Though this time, there are some pretty hilarious reactions on Twitter, with others responding with other wacky floors:

And some had more sinister ideas on what to do with it:

What do you think: is it fun or evil? Tell us in the comments.

h/t Time, Design Taxi



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