10 Beautiful Benches to DIY This Weekend

A seat, a table, a dining chair, a footstool, an end of the bed or entryway friend: is there any piece of furniture more wonderfully useful than a beautiful bench? If you have had your sights set on one for a long time, but never quite had the money to splash out and get one, why not DIY? Here are 10 options we’ve rounded up for you: a bench for every taste and skill level, for any room in your home.

1. This hairpin leg bench (above) from Brit + Co is probably the most basic of DIY benches, while still looking classy, and is easily customized to your taste – just choose the fabric that will match your space.

2. Here’s another take on the hairpin leg bench, this time using a broken down Kilim rug. What a great way to bring a little southwest style into a room, especially if you’re lucky enough to score an unloved rug secondhand. Made by Wesley on Haven by the Bae, with super detailed instructions by Wesley over on eHow.

3. Do you love macrame and woven everything? Here is a woven rope bench for you to try, from Brittany Makes.

4. If you love more of a classic look, what about this DIY tufted bench from Shades of Blue. It’s hinged, for storage, and don’t be afraid of the legs – they are pre-bought for that shape. I think you could really amp this design up a notch by making it out of velvet. Can you imagine?

5. Not for the faint at heart, here is a serious project: DIYing a copy of the iconic Nelson Bench. You’d need some mad woodworking skills to pull this off, but just take a look at the finished product! And for so cheap! I challenge you to find a difference between this and the real thing. From the folks at Uncommon Law.

6. Here is a slightly different take on the slatwood bench by the ladies at A Beautiful Mess. A little simpler but still with a heavy dose of mid-century chic.

7. Another DIY project also from A Beautiful Mess, for all those leather fans in the house: a woven leather bench. If you don’t think you are up to making the wood base of this bench, you could always take an old bench and revamp it by adding that leather woven top.

8. If you’re more of a seamstress than a woodworker, why not try this patchwork bench by Anna from Noodlehead? Patchwork is coming back in vogue lately (check out the Fall fashion spreads if you don’t believe me) and it’s only a matter of time before that hits our homes. Plus: what a great way to use up some of that fabric you’ve got stashed away!

9. Ever have weird stools or side tables you’re not sure what to do with? Daniel at Manhattan Nest found a couple of stools in the clearance section at Target, and with a can of spray paint and few pieces of reclaimed wood turned it into this industrial/rustic bench. So cool!

10. Of course, how could we forget the simplest DIY bench option of all: turn a piece of furniture you already have into a bench by adding a cushion! The IKEA Kallax/Expedit is what Heather is using for a bench in this nursery tour. Here are some instructions for a no-sew cushion that you could use to adapt to any piece of furniture that is long, sturdy and at the right height for sitting.

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