Amy Schumer’s Latest Instagrams Prove She Really Knows How To Hang

We can imagine that hanging out with Amy Schumer would be a pretty fun experience. But in a recent Instagram, the comedian takes it to a whole new level.

The Inside Amy Schumer and Trainwreck star posted a photo of herself on Instagram yesterday at a table with swings for seats. She also happens to be wearing a Big Mac onesie and her adorable pup is wearing a hot dog costume, so perhaps someone should alert her to this frankfurter and burger furniture we wrote about last month.

For those interested, the swing set table is a customized piece from Last Workshop. She also posted a photo of another swing on her Instagram Stories, and it looks super cozy:

(Image credit: @amyschumer/Instagram)

We love the idea of swing furniture to bring a playful touch to a space, whether it’s a hammock, hanging chair, or a literal swing. We’ve written quite a bit about the topic, so if you’re ready to hang, check out some of the posts below.

More swings, hammocks, and hanging chairs



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