The Power of Paint: See How Wall Color Changes the Feel of a Room

It’s probably not a surprise that color changes the look of a room. But perhaps even more importantly, it can change the feel of a room. In this post, find a series of GIFS that take this lovely white-walled room from one of our tours and adds different wall colors into the mix. You’ll be able to see the visual effects of adding cool, warm, dark and more hues on the overall look and feel of the space.

Cool color:

Though white is certainly serene, adding a cool paint color to a wall can be a way to add boldness while still maintaining peaceful vibes in a room.

Paint color suggestion → Sherwin-Williams’ Aquaduct.

Warm color:

Warm colors added to a room can help make a space feel motivating! Reds, oranges and yellows can make your blood pump just a little faster, not to mention make a room feel warmer (particularly nice in cold climates).

Paint color suggestion: Sherwin-William’s Obstinate Orange.

Dramatic black:

Nothing adds drama quite like a deep black wall! Whether you choose a matte black or something glossy, a black wall makes a statement and allows decor and furniture to stand out.

Black wall inspiration → 10 Rooms that Make Black Walls Work

Midnight blue:

Though I still think black walls are lovely and dramatic, they’ve been “trendy” for awhile now. If you want something dramatic but a little fresher than just plain black, consider a dark, deep midnight blue.

Paint color suggestion → Sherwin-William’s Naval.

Dark beige/taupe:

Beige has a reputation for being boring, but it became the king of neutrals for a reason—it goes with a lot of different design styles. Go with a darker, browner beige for a warm tone that adds earthiness to a room.

Paint color suggestion → Sherwin-Williams’ Renwick Olive

Wild card:

Sometimes it’s not about darkness, coolness or warmth—a bold, unexpected paint color might be what your wall needs!

Try this wall paint color → Sherwin-Williams’ Plum Blossom

Find more inspiration for how color affects the feel of a room → How Color Psychology Can Make You Happier at Home



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