10 Plants that Thrive in Humid Spots (a.k.a. Your Bathroom)

You don’t have to have a green thumb to get your gardener on, especially indoors. Our favorite cheat? Park a plant in your bathroom so it benefits from the constant moisture circulating in the air. Not all species are created equal when it comes to light exposure though, so choose wisely. Some favor sun-drenched spaces while other just may surprise you by growing in a tiny dark bath. Keep in mind that some plants can be toxic to animals and even people when ingested, so do your research before you buy and keep them out of the reach of kiddos and furry friends. And in the meantime, check out these plant varieties that thrive wonderfully in your washroom, depending on how much light you’ve got working (or against) you.

What To Grow If You Have a Sunny Bathroom

Boston Ferns: You’ll have shiny fronds for days if you keep these guys in a bathroom that gets pretty steamy on the reg and a fair amount of indirect sunlight.

Maidenhair Ferns: Like Boston ferns but a bit needier, maidenhairs need 24/7 moisture and a little bit of sunshine to thrive.

Air Plants: These little babies love water. If you’re not down to mist them a few times a week or submerge them in water once a week, a very humid bathroom should do the trick. But don’t skimp on sunlight. A bright bath would be best.

Golden Pothos: Pothos plants (a.k.a. Devil’s ivy) have pretty two-toned trailing leaves and like warm, damp growing conditions. These vining types definitely crave sun, but too much will cause them to dry out so be mindful of that.

Orchids: These gorgeous bloomers can be a bit finicky, but give them muggy, moist conditions and a daily dose of sun, and they’ll get their grow on just fine.

What to Grow if Your Bathroom Looks Like a Cave

(Image credit: Tana R/Shutterstock)

Peace Lilies: These hearty houseplants indexed high on that legendary NASA study for their ability to remove icky things like benzene and formaldehyde from the air. Tons of sun isn’t necessary, and they only require watering when their soil is parched.

(Image credit: Charles Dundas-Shaw)

Snake Plants: You can pretty much set one of these variegated guys down in your bathroom and forget it. Low light? Missed watering for a week? No worries, because snake plants are tough to kill.

Bamboo: Zen out your dark bath with this low-maintenance stalk-style plant. They don’t need much light or soil to take root and grow pretty rapidly as well.

Dracaena: When it comes to light and moisture requirements, these plants are super chill. Some species can grow pretty large though, so be sure you choose something that works for your space.

Peperomia: If you’d describe your bathroom as dark and small, then peperomia is your plant prescription. It’s compact and down to deal with low-light situations.

Know of other moisture-loving greenery? Share in the comments below!

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