Marshalls Releases Their Fall Trend Report and It’s Not Fall Until This Gourd-geous Decoration Arrives

Now that it’s officially autumn, how are you updating your space for the season? Thrill of the hunt retailer Marshalls released their fall trend report this week, and here’s what they have to say about the home.

Marshalls surveyed 1,000 women and found that an overwhelming majority (72 precent) feel like fall has officially arrived when they put out the first pumpkin decoration in their home.

And of course, the gourd-geous gourds don’t have to be limited to just traditional orange. We’ve featured many a roundup of chic twists to the perennial pumpkin: white pumpkins (regular or mini), painted pumpkins, pumpkin planters, and more. Marshalls notes that rose-gold dipped or mixed-metal pumpkins, as well as a variety of textured versions in velvet or wood, are trending this year.

In terms of overall style preferences, 31 percent of respondents are into traditional decor this season, with rustic getting 25 percent, and modern 24 percent. There was some geographical variation, with women in the Midwest preferring classic styles classic styles (38 percent) compared to those living in the West (27 percent). Those who liked vintage decor varied by age, with women in their 20s appreciating the look more.

For colors, the retailer notes that sage is the most notably on-trend accent color.

Bringing richer hues and a modern yet earthy feel to the home, this hue elevates sophisticated fall styles, especially for those who plan to entertain. Casual elegance and comfortable richness are trends set to come to life in living spaces via varied textures, gold accessories, lighter-washed woods and galvanized metals.

How do you usher in autumn at home? Tell us in the comments…



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