The Best (& Wackiest) Shark Tank Products For Your Home

Shark Tank returns to ABC for its ninth season tonight, and we can only imagine what weird, wonderful, and wacky products people will pitch to the Sharks this year. In the meantime, here are a few of the items for your home that have been featured on the show since it started in 2009.

(Image credit: Squatty Potty)

Squatty Potty

The company that brought us pooping unicorns is relieving colons everywhere, to the tune of nearly $30 million in sales last year. From the plastic stool that tucks under your toilet, the company has expanded into a variety of styles and materials, recently launching a toilet training hippo-potty-mus for toddlers.

Baker’s Edge pan

If you loathe the soft middle brownie, you were most likely thrilled to discover this pan exists. The pan has spawned a bunch of imitators, but has expanded into other cookware, like a lasagna pan and a muffin tin.


How novel is this? A book that’s actually a lamp means you can store it on a shelf or carry it around with you. We’re pretty enamored with Lumio around here, having featured it in 2013 and it reappeared as one of Maxwell’s Daily Finds in 2014.


Your phone is dirtier than countertops, door handles, and even toilet seats, and yet, how often do you clean it? PhoneSoap charges your phone while killing bugs with UV light.


The modular wall system that can be used as a vertical garden—or just stylish storage—first caught our eye back in 2011. It since has gone on to appear at Dwell on Design, and of course, Shark Tank in 2013.

Scrub Daddy

Arguably Shark Tank’s most successful product of all time with $50 million in sales, we included this smiley sponge in a roundup of Cleaning Products that Shark Tank Has Convinced Me I Need.

Do you have a favorite Shark Tank product? Tell us in the comments…



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