Trent Alert: Is Teal the New Millennial Pink?

Dusty pink is everywhere. Call it millennial pink if you want to, but anybody who lived through the 1980s will recognize that dusky shade of rose. The ’80s, generally, are having a huge influence on interior design right now, which has got me thinking: if dusty pink can come roaring back, can that other ’80s staple — teal — be far behind?

Here are some of my favorite examples of the color, whether on walls or tile or accessories. What do you think? Does teal tickle your fancy? Or is this a color trend that should remain in the past?

This teal bedroom from Lonny is green on green on green, for a deep, immersive look.

You don’t often see such bold colors in the kitchen, but in this space from Cote Maison, teal walls (and a ceiling) make a big statement.

In this photo from Urban Outfitters, via AD España, teal pairs beautifully with mustard and purple. Think of this as a sort of modern twist on green, purple, and gold, traditionally the colors of Mardi Gras.

This kitchen from Est Living has teal cabinetry instead of teal walls. One of my favorite things about this color is how it’s so bold, but yet so relaxing.

In this beautiful home in Valencia, the bedroom is painted in a teal that leans a bit more towards the blue side. I love how the inky backdrop makes all the whites really pop.

I can’t find a price for this gorgeous wall sconce from Articolo, which probably means I can’t afford it, but I’ll keep dreaming about it anyway.

In most of these examples, teal is paired with white, but it can be equally nice with black, as seen in this kitchen from Coco Lapine Design. The richly colored walls take the industrial style of this space to a new level.

I’m a huge fan of terra cotta tile, particularly this glazed hexagonal version from Domus Tiles, which comes in a deep teal, as well as 47 other colors.

Teal is particularly nice with wood tones, both the darker wood seen in the kitchen above and lighter shades, too. In this bedroom spotted on Design Evolving, teal walls set off a midcentury dresser to perfection.

What do you think? Millennial teal, anybody?



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