A Colorful & Crafty Home in Brisbane for Two Adorable Dachshunds & Their Owners — House Tour

Name: Rachel Burke, her husband Thomas and their dachshunds, Daphne and Daisy
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Years lived in: 3 years, owned

Rachel Burke has been on my radar since 2012 when she made a dress every day for a year. So it was certainly wonderful to step into her bright and colorful home that she shares with her kind husband Thomas and their two little dachshunds (who eventually warmed to me after a little coercing with some treats!).

In Brisbane we have plenty of homes that we call “post-war cottages.” Built in the ’40s, they adapt easily to modern living while still retaining character. The first thing Rachel and Thomas did when moving into their post-war cottage was to paint the walls a neutral color to balance out the colorful collection of decor.

Rachel works full time as a womenswear designer, and her husband Thomas is a lawyer. In her spare time, Rachel, is a mad crafter, and fills her days with many projects that she is working on, either personal or commissioned. Most excitingly, she has a book featuring their dogs coming out this month.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Colourful, eclectic, vintage

Inspiration: We try to draw inspiration from our travels and focusing on the things we love. I love having an eclectic mix of things and artwork everywhere I look — I want the house to feel lived in and like a real reflection of who we are. I keep a lot of visual diaries and mood boards around…and I feel like our house is like one of these diaries come to life!

Favorite Element: I love the ceilings that have the plaster motifs on them and also how decorated our walls are getting!

Biggest Challenge: Trying to find the balance between being tidy and having lots of knick knacks…

What Friends Say: It’s very “us.”

Biggest Embarrassment: Our messy laundry and the “poo” path outside…where the dogs do their “business.”

Proudest DIY: The paintings I have sprinkled throughout the house!

Biggest Indulgence: Our mint green, vintage cabinet.

Best Advice: More is more!

Dream Sources: Dusen Dusen (gimme it all!)


Dulux – Lamb’s Ear Green
Dulux – Ice Blue

Book Case – Vintage
Coat Rack – Freedom Furniture
Plaid Chair – Freedom Furniture
Cartoon Drawing – Yippy Whippy
Sewing Machine/table – Vintage
Pot Plant – Bunnings

Assorted Cushions — Arro Home
Decorative Corn Cob— Third Drawer Down
Planters — Arro Home
Sofa — Harvey Norman
Crochet Blankets — Vintage
TV Unit – Vintage Parker Furniture
Coffee Table/Drawer/Stand – Vintage
Pink Jelly Hanging Basket – Nook
Artwork — Mix of artists!

Multi-colored Table/chairs – Wooloongabba Antique Centre
Multi-colored planter – West Elm
Mint Green Cabinet – Vintage
Mint Green Stand – Vintage
Monstera Plant – Mappins Nursery
Wicker Planter – The White Bungalow
Sewing Table – Vintage
Record Player – JB HI FI
Record Baskets — Vintage

Green Cabinet – Ikea
Canisters/Ceramics/Ornaments — vintage

Acrobatic Girl Artwork – Caitlin She
‘Spoon’ Print – Lauren Carney
Bed/Set of drawers – Freedom Furniture
Standing Jewellery Box – Vintage
Floral Bedding – Karen Walker Home
Green Curtains – Freedom Furniture

Thanks, Rachel and Thomas!

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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