Thanksgiving Countdown

If you want to focus on showing gratitude instead of just talking about it, we have the PERFECT family Thanksgiving countdown tradition for you!

Like many people, our family has a tradition of gathering around the table and taking turns saying what we’re thankful for before our Thanksgiving meal. As meaningful as that is, I really want to teach my children how to take that lip-service a step further and put those words into action! I want our family to express gratitude in both word AND deed. So when I found this fun family Thanksgiving countdown that does BOTH, I knew I had to share it with all of you. Take some moments in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving day to gather your family and talk about all the different blessings in your lives. Then consider how your actions can show gratitude. Because really, shouldn’t Thanksgiving be about thanks AND about giving?!

A Thanksgiving Countdown Tradition

Thanksgiving Countdown Tradition #thanksgivingtradition #holidaycountdown

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I just love this quote by David O. McKay…

“Thankfulness is measured by the number of our words. Gratitude is measured by the nature of our actions.”

As a parent, one of my main goals is to teach my children to be thankful. We live in such an era of entitlement, and I truly believe that it can be a big thief of happiness. But how do you teach gratitude? I believe the best way is by example and by action.

Introducing… Deeds of Gratitude!

Deeds of Gratitude Thanksgiving Countdown Tradition

Deeds of Gratitude is a beautiful set of decorative leaves for displaying your celebration of the season. It’s also a Thanksgiving activity to help inspire positive action for all the blessings in your life as you count down to Thanksgiving day.

Each Set Includes:

  • 18 wooden leaf patterns finished with a colorful and durable surface.
  • 1 white chalk marker to write your blessings and acts on the leaves. {The chalk marker can be wiped clean from the leaves for reuse year after year.}
  • A ball of twine to use in a variety of ways to display the leaves.

Deeds of Gratitude Tradition

How It Works

  1. Each day or so, identify something you are grateful for and write it on one side of a leaf.
  2. Next, choose an action that will demonstrate your gratitude for that blessing and write it on the other side.
  3. After you complete the action or service, hang the leaf on display. {You can string them as a garland, arrange them inside a clothespin frame, or hang them on a “gratitude tree.”}

You’ll be discussing all the big and small things you are grateful for as a family. Then, together you’ll brainstorm ways in which you can show gratitude for those blessings. For example, you can show gratitude for food by helping to prepare a meal, sharing a treat with a neighbor, eating your dinner without complaint, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or donating to a food bank. No act of gratitude is too big or small. Get the kids involved sharing their thoughts and ideas and pick one together as a family.

Thanksgiving Family Countdown

One of the things I love about this meaningful family activity is that it also doubles as darling fall decor! You can hang the blank leaves on your mantel right away, then just wait until after Halloween to start the actual activity as you count down to Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Gratitude Garland

I also love how simple, fun, and meaningful it is! It’s such a great way to create memories and teach your children valuable life lessons at the same time. {What mom doesn’t love that?!} And because the chalk marker wipes clean, it’s a Thanksgiving tradition you can do with your family year after year. But here’s the best part…


We fell in love with this Thanksgiving countdown so much that we reached out to the lovely people behind Deeds of Gratitude and they generously offered an exclusive discount code just for our readers. Here’s how it works…

  1. Buy your Deeds of Gratitude set HERE.
  2. Use discount code DIVADEAL to get 10% off.
  3. IMPORTANT: Make sure you purchase between October 4th-8th to get the discount! 


You can feel great about your purchase too because all proceeds from Deeds of Gratitude will be donated to Hopelink, a fabulous Pacific Northwest non-profit that is working hard to eliminate poverty by providing much needed stability and training to families. Help us spread some good in the world and spread some good in your home at the same time.


Oh, and it gets even better! To show gratitude for YOU and your purchase, you’ll also receive a FREE 5×7 copy of this gorgeous Thanksgiving watercolor print by Jess Park. {Or you can choose to upgrade to an 8×10 for only $5 more.} Isn’t it simply gorgeous?! Note: These prints are limited so grab one while they are still available.

Thanksgiving Watercolor Print

We hope this Thanksgiving countdown tradition adds more fun and meaning to your family holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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