The Mirror Shape That Works Everywhere (We Promise)

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what mirror shape works for all? Well, since you asked, it’s the round mirror! Most furniture silhouettes are boxy, so a circle is the perfect form to break up all those straight lines. They’re great for entryways, dining rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. Here are some of our absolute favorites across a range of budgets:


This mirror is a favorite among style bloggers and decorators alike. The subtle brass frame is just enough glam for any vignette, and the sizable diameter can’t be beat at this price point. Diameter: 27″

Bringing a little something extra to the table (or, er, wall) is this unique sconce-slash-mirror combo that is super chic. Diameter: 18″

It’s likely the combination of the natural rope and the dark metal frame that makes this mirror so striking, but it’s also a piece that transcends style and can find a place in a multitude of interiors. Diameter: 19.5″

Sporting a deep walnut veneer rim and inset glass, this modern mirror adds extra dimension to any wall it adorns. Diameter: 31.5″

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You may feel that this mirror falls more under the category of art than reflector, but we think this stunner can do double duty as both. Diameter: 30″

When you can’t decide between round and rectangular, there’s this mirror from CB2. It’s simple geometric forms come together to create a reflective work of art. Diameter: 32″

Reflective from all angles (even its frame), this vintage-inspired mirror adds clean lines and lightness to any space. Diameter: 22.5″

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Almost tray-like due to its double frame, this coastal-chic rattan mirror serves up a little something extra. Diameter: 28.5″

Showing off an iridescent array of colors, this Patricia Urquiola-designed mirror changes its sheen as you cross its path. Diameter: 24″

The slight lip on this brass beauty casts interesting reflections, but that doesn’t hold a candle to the shadows created by its 4-inch protrusion from the wall. Diameter: 16″



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