The Study-Backed Secrets to Being a Good Neighbor

Do you ever worry that you’re not a very good neighbor? For one thing, if you’re worried about it, you probably are a good neighbor, but if you really want to make sure, we’ve got the—study backed!—secrets to being the best neighbor you can be.

A recent report from Nextdoor reveals a lot about the state of the modern American neighborhood, and along with some other interesting data, spills all about what makes someone neighborly.

Generally speaking, people are considered more neighborly if they are married, parents, homeowners, dog owners, and age 45 and older. Do you have a front porch or use social media every day — the study gives you good marks for neighborliness, too.

What makes a good neighbor?

  • 56% said that good neighbors are respectful of personal space or boundaries
  • 55% said good neighbors are friendly and sociable
  • 46% said good neighbors offer help to their neighbors when they need it
  • 44% said good neighbors take proper care of their yard and property
  • 44 % said a good neighbor should be willing to help others in times of crisis or natural disaster

What makes a bad neighbor?

  • 53% said they’re too noisy,
  • 50% said they don’t keep their dog under control
  • 45% said they’re disrespectful of their neighbors’ personal space or boundaries
  • 42% said they don’t take proper care of their yard or home
  • 42% also said they drive too fast through the neighborhood

Survey participants also shared the top reasons to get to know your neighbors— so you can look out for each other, to make you feel safer in your neighborhood, and so you can each be on the lookout out for intruders. 66% also said that getting to know your neighbors helped create a happier place to live and built a strong community.

If you do want to get your neighbors more, we’ve got some tips for breaking the ice.



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