A Drink Table Is Just What It Sounds Like & You Probably Need One

I’ve been seeing a lot of these small drink tables lately, and I think they’re so cute, and so clever, and so perfect for small spaces (or really just anywhere you have a tight corner that won’t fit a traditional table). Many of these are only a few inches in diameter—just big enough to hold a single glass. But sometimes all you really need a side table to do is hold your coffee (or your wine). These tables do that, and they do it beautifully.

This little table really more of a pedestal, honestly—would make a beautiful ornament to any space. And the whole thing is only 7.5 inches in diameter.

At 12 inches in diameter, this tray table is a bit larger than some of other picks, although still small enough to fit into a tight space. The top tray can hold a few drinks and is removable to use in other spots around the house. (Also available in copper for the same price.)

With a top that measures a petite seven inches in diameter, the One Drink Table is sized for just that. It’s available in four different finishes and it’s handmade in the U.S., so you can feel good about your purchase.

These tiny tables do present a bit of a design problem—that is, how to keep something so tall and narrow from toppling over. This table challenges that beautifully, with an elegant marble base.

This tabletop is a little bigger than some of the others in this post, but I couldn’t help including it because I think it’s a great find for a small space. In compact rooms, versatility is key, and this little guy has a handle to be picked up and moved to wherever you need him.

Green marble and brass give this petite table a distinctly luxurious feel.

This marble and brass drink table would also make a very elegant plant stand.

I spotted this at the store, and the tiny little marble table is even cuter in person. The brass-tipped feet are a nice touch. (It’s also available in brass for $1,295.)

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