How to Organize Your Entire Kitchen for Under $100 at Target

Is your kitchen in need of an organizational overhaul? Good news: You can totally make that happen, even on a tight budget. And (bonus!) you get to indulge in your desire to buy literally everything you see at Target in the process — just, you know, with a plan this time. You don’t need expensive organizers to make it work; a bunch of smaller, thrifty items can be just as handy to get your kitchen in order.

To prove it, here’s what you can buy at Target with an imaginary budget of $100 to help you get the most reorganizing magic for your money. Let the hypothetical shopping trip begin!

Get Your Flatware in Order

If your flatware and utensils are taking over the drawer you’ve stashed them in, and a basic organizer isn’t quite keeping them in check, try swapping it out for an expandable one with grips for keeping your flatware in its rightful place, like this one from OXO.

Make Your Junk Drawer Easy to Navigate

Speaking of unruly drawers, if you’ve got a junk drawer in your kitchen (let’s face it, we all do!) that needs an overhaul, this interlocking drawer organizer set from Room Essentials can certainly help. The individual connectable pieces means you can customize it to fit your drawer, and the multiple compartments make it easier to keep smaller items in their rightful place.

Free Cabinet Space by Making a Spice Drawer

If you have the drawer space and want to free up more vertical cabinet space so you can save it for taller items, a less expensive alternative to a spice rack is a drawer liner like the ones above from YouCopia. Not only will your spices take up less space, they won’t roll around in your drawer, and you’ll be able to see exactly what you need at a glance—no more hunting around in the cabinet.

Keep Plastic Food Containers in Check

There might honestly be nothing quite so annoying as trying to keep your plastic food storage containers in check. Don’t lose your lids and save yourself from opening your cabinets to a Tupperware avalanche by using an organizer like this one from YouCopia to keep them neatly tucked away in a drawer.

Organize Your Pans—and Their Lids

Pans—and especially their lids—are also somewhat of a challenge to keep organized, but this pan organizer from Rubbermaid helps you keep them neatly filed away, lids and all, in a cabinet. All for less than $10, too.

Keep Baking Sheets and Cutting Boards Upright

Skip stacking cookie sheets, muffin tins and cutting boards, and save yourself precious cabinet space by installing a couple of tension rods vertically off to the side—you can slide your trays and cutting boards in sideways, and the tension rods will keep them upright. And if you have room in your budget, you can add more tension rods to separate individual baking sheets.

Recycle Plastic Shopping Bags in Style

Do you reuse plastic grocery bags as trash and recycling bags throughout your home? Rather than tossing them all in one bag for later use, invest a few dollars in a holder like this one from Spectrum. It’ll keep them in one, convenient place, and it’ll look so much neater—plus, you can easily stow it away inside one of your cabinet doors.

Make Doing the Dishes More Pleasant

A soap caddy like this one from InterDesign will keep your dish soap, sponge, scrubber and brush all in one convenient, much more organized-looking system that won’t look like an eyesore on your kitchen counter. It’ll make doing the dishes easier and more aesthetically pleasing.

Grand Total: $97.62 (before taxes)



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