IKEA Launches New Line For Your Furry Best Friends — Cheap Thrills

IKEA has long been known as the place where you can get anything from a garlic press to a bicycle, glass cloches to surprisingly comfy sofas. (Oh yeah, and meatballs.) Not usually included in the aisles of the well-stocked retailer? Pet stuff. Thankfully, IKEA is remedying this with a brand-new collection for the dogs and cats in our lives today.

Called LURVIG, the products include bowls, beds, toys and more, all in the brand’s signature simple style—and affordable price points. This isn’t the first time IKEA has come out with a pet line. In 2014, they introduced BÄSTIS, its first “Living with Pets” collection. The line was quietly retired, except for two products: The colorful BÄSTIS hook (shaped like a pet’s behind) and the BÄSTIS lint roller. To create the LURVIG line, IKEA re-evaluated the old line in favor of “new solutions and ideas,” with the brand’s designers partnering with veterinarians to create the new products.

Here’s a sneak peek at the collection, which debuts in-store this week (fyi, LURVIG will unfortunately not be available online, according to IKEA).

The special design of this bold green bowl breaks up its internal surface area, so dogs can’t chow down their food in one gulp.

This one’s just too cute: A pet bed that looks like a scaled-down version of IKEA’s popular KLIPPAN sofa. This one comes out in the late fall, so the price for now is TBD.

You’ll have double the options with this versatile pet bed frame, which fits most of the line’s cushions. You can turn it upside-down to give your dog or cat a better view of the room or leave it right-side-up to create a cozy nook with walls. IKEA’s designers had additional instructions for this (and all the other pet beds or cushions): After you buy the bed, fill it with your clothes (or towels) to give it your scent—which will be extra comforting for your pet.

In especially good news for those of us who work from home, the cubby-style bed is designed to fit into IKEA’s KALLAX shelving unit. Your cat can stay close by without being on top of your keyboard (though we can’t guarantee that won’t happen).

This same functionality of the above design also applies to the other LURVIG cat house design, which also includes legs that transform the bed into as standalone unit that can double as a side table.

Let’s face it: Most of the products you buy to protect the couch from pet hair are kind of ugly. (Why are they always that weird tan color?) This one has a bold polka dot design that’s way more stylish, and is made from 100% polyester for easy cleaning.

Cat owners will notice that the line is just as focused on cats as it is on dogs, a rare quality when it comes to cute pet lines. This mat wraps around anything to turn it into a scratching post.

Still no word on whether IKEA is going to take our suggestion to create KÄT: The World’s First Cat-Proof Sofa.

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