Luxe-Looking Pieces You’ll Never Guess Came From Target — Cheap Thrills

Though the latest news of Target’s new Project 62 collection has been getting all the attention, the discount retailer has long been offering furniture, decor and accessories that look way more expensive than they actually are. From a classic desk in a timeless style to fanciful journals that wouldn’t be out of place at Anthropologie, here are just some of what we consider to be their best finds hidden in plain sight.

Counter-height stools generally cost over $100 each (and that’s on the low side), but this set gives you two for the price of one. The A-style stools look a lot like the Tolix design that is ubiquitous at skinny-countered indie coffee shops, too.

For a couple of years now, Target has been a great source for finding a stylish bar cart. They’re often on sale (right now, there’s a simple wood and brass design for under $100), but can be a little cookie-cutter. This round bar cart evokes ’60s style at a reasonable price point.

Campaign desks are timeless, making this a piece you won’t get sick of. It’s available in black and a wood grain finish, but the red colorway looks a little richer in comparison, in my opinion.

Here’s a surprising find: A coffee table with a genuine marble top for under $200. At 14 inches in height with a 31-inch diameter, it’s certainly on the petite side for a coffee table, but it does make a bold impression in a room.

At $2 per utensil (each is sold separately), you can definitely afford to mix things up with your flatware. The matte finish is an especially trendy touch, though you can find shinier options for $20 per setting.

These faceted glasses have a nice heft that makes them feel more expensive than they actually are. If you’d prefer a bolder style in amber, their Project 62 collection has you covered at $5 a glass.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a service for four at this price point (that isn’t made of plastic). Though the stoneware set also comes in turquoise, red, white and sage green, the gray looks slightly more expensive than the others.

With a print that brings to mind the charming illustrations of Rifle Paper Co., these sweet little notebooks are worth hoarding for gift-giving purposes. (There’s also a coordinating file set and pen set.) These can be found in the seasonal discount section near the front of the store called “Bullseye’s Playground.” Generally, items range from decor to glassware and all come in at $8 and under. You’ll never know what you’ll find here—in the past, I’ve found gingham napkins and ceramic ramekins.



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