13 Ideas for the Best Grown-Up Halloween

Just because Halloween is focused on candy-crazed kids and kooky decor doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it, too. There’s still time to trade in your Jack O’ Lanterns, candy corn, and cobwebs for something a little more grown-up, so check out these 13 ideas and make the most of this fun holiday season!

1. Use cheesecloths instead of cobwebs. If you’re going to decorate, go for an updated look like this tablescape from DesignLoveFest (above).

2. DIY some pretty pumpkins. No need to get covered in goo, and no need to involve the kids for this project. Set aside some time to make the pumpkins you want to feature on your stoop, fireplace or table, like these marble no-carve pumpkins from Alice & Lois.

3. Add garland to your mantel or railing. And no I’m not talking ghosts or ghouls made of tissue paper. Create beautiful modern decor like this DIY Celestial Moon Garland that pairs perfectly with other more modest Halloween decor.

4. Dress up your tables. Leave the black and orange combos for the kids space. Matte blacks and muted tones are the way to go for a more grown-up look, like this DIY decor from Perisia Lou.

5. Add some metallic skulls. Give us rose gold everything, but definitely these DIY metallic skull string lights from Fish & Bull! Trust me, you’ll want to keep these up all year long.

6. Keep the crock pot full of homemade (spiked) ciders. Mmm fall in cup! Make yours following this recipe from Kitchn.

7. And of course you’ll need an amazing mug to go with it. See how to turn any glass into a Jack O’ Lantern with a tutorial from Sugar & Cloth.

8. Add some fresh flowers, with a Halloween twist. Calling all florals! Make your own floral centerpieces like this one from Honestly Yum using skull vases for an updated take on an otherwise non-spooky home accent.

9. Change out your pillows. Throw in some modern (and Halloween-relevant) throw pillows. I’ve had my eye on this DIY from Make & Tell for a while now, and October is the perfect time to try it out! Plus, you can totally keep these throw pillows up the rest of the year, and no one would think twice.

10. Put those extra pumpkins to good (grown-up) use. Make the perfect ice bucket like these from Kitchn to keep your pumpkin ales and spiced lagers ready for impromptu post trick-or-treat drinks.

11. Grab the perfect bag. If you’re going to trick-or treat (seriously though, you’re an adult…), you might as well have a killer treat bag, right? Make this eye-catching black marble tote from Design & Form, and maybe your neighbors won’t notice you reaching into the candle bowl for a treat or two.

12. Have some boozy homemade treats on hand for the adult chaperones of the evening. Don’t forget about the grown-ups when it comes to Halloween treats! Make these delicious bourbon cinnamon pecan caramel apples from Half Baked Harvest to reward them.

13. Embrace the season! Enjoy a holiday DIY project or two and spend time with your friends and family, and make the most epic themed-costumes for the whole gang – grown ups and kids included – like this one from In Honor of Design.

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