Southwest Just Made it a Little Easier to Get to Paradise

Southwest, beloved budget airline, wants to make planning a dream vacation a little easier on your wallet. Beginning in 2018 the airline will start selling flights to Hawaii. They have yet to announce exactly which airports they’ll service and when the flights will begin, but that shouldn’t stop you from daydreaming about your beach vacay immediately.


Speaking at a company gathering, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly told the crowd, “Hawaii is an important place for Southwest Airlines because so many people count on us to take them everywhere they want to go reliably and affordably. We’re ready and excited to address a request we’ve heard for years.”

Analysts predict that this will be good news for consumers, even if you prefer not to fly Southwest. According to Seeking Alpha, “Southwest is known for its low fares and for the disruption it typically causes for competing carriers. When Southwest enters a market, fares and profitability often collapse for incumbent airlines.”

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more updates on when and how you can book your flight to lounge on the beach and live like Will and Jada.



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