Today’s Your Lucky Day: 13 Things We Want From Urban Outfitter’s Friday the 13th Sale

Friday the 13th lives in infamy as being a day riddled with bad luck. There are movies named after it, warnings and urban legends built around it. But…maybe it’s not all bad: Enter Urban Outfitter’s one-day-only Friday the 13th sale, where everything online is an additional 13% off. To keep my mind off black cats and years-long potential curses crossing my path, I’m keeping busy with a little retail therapy. Here, 13 worth-it finds for your home.

Note: prices listed below are pre-13% (discount taken at checkout)

I’m going to start here, because if I had my hands tied to only buying one item today from UO’s Friday the 13th sale, it would be this lamp. Surely, it provides zero usable light, but to me, it’s more an art piece than anything else…and I’m madly in love with it. Excuse me while I go complete my checkout…

Okay I’m back, and upon seeing this part leaning mirror, part “ladder” I realized it’s exactly what I need next to my closet. I do not have a full-length mirror (I just go with my gut that my shoes look okay enough with my outfit to leave the house), and all my jewelry is stuffed in an old, battered IKEA drawer set, where most things never see the light of day.

One more thing to add to my wishlist. I could see these stacked just like this, in a set of three, on the sliver of the wall next to my desk. Don’t have enough usable surface space? Look to your walls, people!

Wire wall grids are so dexterous…great for offices, study spaces, above a nightstand to display art, heck…they can even be used as headboards. This one comes in two metallic hues and two colors.

Benjamin Moore just announced their Color of the Year for 2018 (spoiler, it’s Caliente, a fiery red), and while I’m not about to run out and swap all my beloved blue decor, I think a shot of the punchy shade might be just what my living room needs to feel alive.

A tiny little table for a pretty tiny price tag. The triangular shape fits into most awkward corners, and the angular base keeps it interesting.

Shake up your square pillow party on your sofa with a round addition. Bonus points for the textural velvet (and starburst tuft).

I’m not usually one for buying art online (unless it’s from an artist on Etsy), because I like to experience how it makes me feel in real life. But I was drawn to this piece. Maybe it’s because I identify with the girl in the drawing, but it has a certain IDGAF attitude that speaks to me.

I’m an awful plant parent, but I’m trying to learn and get better, and not kill everything within days of it crossing my threshold. Since most of my living spaces are pretty low-light, unfortunately, this would be great to hang near my kitchen windows. Maybe it’s time to start growing my own basil?

Any opportunity I can take to let people visiting my home know that I love donuts, I’ll take.

I’ve had my eye on this graphic throw since our social team first shared it on the Apartment Therapy Instagram. It sold out nearly immediately on Calhoun & Co., unfortunately so I’m thrilled to see it offered b UO.. And while I like to keep my word art to a minimum, I’m happy to proclaim that I am, indeed, incredibly gifted at taking naps.

Typically, my dinners involve a lot of sauce (I’m that person), so I’m not sure how these shallow plates would actually work out IRL, but they look so modern and beautiful with the half-glazed finish that I’m tempted to find out. (Also available in blush).

Obviously, I’m going to need some new flatware to go with my (potential) new plates. And as I love a good juxtaposition, pairing partially matte dinnerware with glitzy brass forks, knives and spoons seems right up my alley.



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