Unusual Bathroom Designs We Totally Love

Here at Apartment Therapy, we like to provide you with practical design solutions that will work for your everyday life, but sometimes, it’s also nice to do a little dreaming. Whether you decide to steal one or two ideas for your next remodel, or just feast your eyes for a little while, these gorgeous bathrooms are a welcome break from the ordinary.

(Above) Pairing yellow patterned tile with burgundy veined stone usually isn’t the first idea that pops into a person’s brain, which is why this Australian bathroom by Arent & Pyke is so refreshingly unique. It might be too much, or weird, but it just isn’t.

The deep green wall tiles give this bathroom from Desire to Inspire an undersea glow. The marble floor tiles, stone counter, and glowing brass sink complete the impression of moody glamour.

This bathroom from Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water (via Nina Freudenberger on Instagram) has quite a lot going on. Although you might be distracted by the bold navy-and-white tiled shower, the tub appears to have some sort of sea life mural painted on it. The rustic wood walls and brass taps are a definite contrast, but somehow, everything comes together beautifully.

This bathroom, spotted on Arch Daily, combines old-school mosaic tile and an elegant custom brass-framed mirror for a sublime effect.

In this bathroom by GRT Architects, vintage penny tile and modern colorblocking come together for a quirky, timeless look. The colorful wall shelf and red faucet make great finishing touches.

The last time we saw square tile like this was in ’70s and ’80s bathrooms with a certain modern austerity, but in this interior from Rebecca Judd Loves, it’s paired with luxe marble and brass fixtures for a lovely study in contrasts.

This bathroom, spotted on We Heart, is part of Barcelona restaurant Flax & Kale. The mirrors, the elegant vintage-style sinks, and the bold black and white tile, paired with marble floor tile, are undeniably elegant, and would look just as lovely in a private home.

This Italian bathroom from Yatzer has my heart. It’s the best of all possible worlds: modern shapes, vintage color, and just a hint of luxury.

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