True Roommate Stories: The One With The Rubber Duckies

A couple of months ago we asked you to tell us your roommate stories. You know, those stories you trot out at parties and on dates, the stories about your kooky freshman year roommate or your mostly cool roommate who had one super weird habit. Well you came through and today we’re pleased to present our first 100% true roommate tale.

Our first writer found herself with a somewhat stereotypical freshman roommate; took all the good spots in the room, loud in the morning and um, made all the major design decisions on her own.

“When I showed up on move-in day, I discovered my roommate (who ignored my long, gushing email about my excitement to meet her and experience college with my new friend) had already moved in and set up the room to her liking. Her furniture was set up against the windows (the only source of air in the room), effectively blocking said windows unless you were sitting at her desk or laying in her bed. I was not pleased. THEN I noticed she had a LARGE rubber ducky and bouncy ball collection. I quickly scanned our tiny room taking in each and every ducky. Every surface of the room (except my dresser and desk) had a rubber ducky on it. There were cowboy duckies, betty boop duckies, large duckies, tin duckies, rubber ducky pillows, patriotic duckies, sports duckies, army duckies, duckies with glasses, rubber ducky hairbrush, duckies in bikinis, ALL THE DUCKIES. She had also affixed a rubber ducky poster over her bed.”

Our writer eventually got her revenge (no duckies or roommates were harmed) and moved on to what one can only assume is a more pleasing and duckie-free environment.

Did you learn anything from this experience?
Not really – I’m a petty turd.

Got a wonderful/terrible/just plain odd roommate story to share? We’re all ears! Submit your story here.

And it wouldn’t be an Apartment Therapy post if we didn’t leave you with at least a few helpful hints.



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