Before & After: A Surprisingly Bold New Entryway on a Tiny Budget

Mila participated in a recent round of the One Room Challenge, but didn’t want to get overwhelmed by a major hard-core makeover. So, instead, she chose to redo the single wall just inside her entryway, which is also part of her living room. As is, the space was fine, but she was bored with the current gallery wall of photos, and wanted instead to make it as impressive as possible with just a little work and money. Her goal for the end of the project? That this wall would scream with “greatness, sophistication, and happiness.”

For her inspiration, Mila chose a wall mural in Florence Lopez’ Paris apartment walls, which was in turn inspired by a vintage tapestry designed by landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx. What was a bland, plain wall now is a major focal point in their living room, full of movement and color. The resulting mural is bold, and just plain amazing.

And what’s important to remember is that it took just an idea, some time, some paint, and the help of friends. First they taped everything off. Then, using a borrowed projector, Mila cast the image on the wall, then used a pencil to trace all the lines. After a trip to the paint store to do some color matching, she got to work filling in all the sections.

If you want to see her process, and her tips, Mila created a tutorial that shows how she did it.

Here’s what Mila had to say about the finished project:

The biggest surprise was how much larger the living room seems now that we painted this mural. It looks luminous and grand. I wouldn’t have been able to anticipate this change. The wall went from blah to stunning.

For more info and images —along with other DIY and design ideas — check out Jest Cafe. Thanks so much for sharing Mila!



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