12 Gray Sofas We Love Right Now Under $1,000 — Annual Guide 2017

So maybe you’re thinking about buying a sofa. Color matters. You want something that’s going to match with everything else in the room, that will look good with the things you have now and also, hopefully, weather the test of time. With this in mind, gray is an excellent neutral—quite versatile, with none of the high maintenance of white or the in-your-faceness of black. If you’re sold on gray, and you’re on a bit of a budget, we’ve got your number, because each of these ten stylish gray sofas costs less than $1,000. Take a gander at our selections. You may be pleasantly surprised by what not very much money buys.

This one comes just up to our $1,000 goal but we think it’s one of the most stylish options in the category, especially with the sleek wood base. We love this gray but it also comes in five other colors (including a somewhat darker gray). Love the look, but live in a tiny home? — there’s a loveseat version, too.

If you’ve spent much time looking at sofas, you’ll know that this is an astoundingly low price for a sofa—and a sleeper sofa, to boot. Yet this budget-priced offering gets surprisingly good reviews—and looks quite good, too. You’d never guess it was a futon.

Here’s another budget-friendly option, which is available in both a pearly light gray (shown above) and dark gray.

This is quite a find — a good-looking sectional sofa for less than $600. The five pieces that make up the sofa can be arranged in a few different configuration, so you can find one that perfectly fits your space.

Our Previous Lists:

This generously sized midcentury-style sofa is available in a huge assortment of fabrics and colors (including quite a few shades of gray). You can even customize the bolster and throw pillows and choose from four leg styles.

This sofa has a nice midcentury look, with friendly button tufting at a low price point.

The bentwood arms give this sofa a distinctive look — a high-end style for a very reasonable price.

The construction of this sofa, with its structured cushions, piping, and attractive tapered legs, belies its low price. It’s also available in an L-shaped sectional for $999.99, which still fits under our $1K price limit.

The curved arms give this simple design a classic elegance.

The channel tufting gives this sofa an Art Deco appeal, a very stylish look at a very low price point.

Sydney Sofa at Urban Outfitters, $899

This sofa has a nice streamlined, midcentury look, with a fabric with a tiny bit of variation for a touch of texture.

Microfiber is good-looking and low maintenance, and this sofa has a lovely, classic shape.

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