13 Unbelievably Adorable Halloween Decorating Ideas You Still Have Time to Do

Don’t fret! It may be mid-October but there’s still plenty of time to add a little Halloween spookiness to your home. Jennifer Perkins is a crafter and blogger who goes ALL OUT when it comes to decorating her Austin house for Halloween. And much of her decor is DIY! These cute Halloween decor projects can be spotted in the Halloween tours of her home…and they are fast and easy to make.

Art, spook-ified

One of my very favorite ways in which Jen adds Halloween decor to her home is by embellishing existing artwork in her home. There’s no need to switch out or add art to give your home a seasonal spin — like in the photos above, kooky mask cut-outs adhered to the glass of a family portrait can immediately add a bit of Halloween hilarity. Look through Jen’s previous tours to see all the ways she’s added Halloween details to existing art.

Pom-pom play

I’ve recently discovered the joy of DIY pom-pom making, so I was delighted when I spotted this DIY candy corn pom-pom garland in Jen’s 2017 Halloween home. She shared how to create these candy corn on the DIY network.

Black cat

Grab a few glass or plastic baubles and give them an All Hallows Eve makeover. Above, some black glitter, felt ears and googly eyes become an adorable black cat ornament.

Add a cup of doll parts

Grab a few extra metal measuring cups from your junk drawer, disassemble a few old dolls and sprinkle in some faux spider web for a pretty funny witches brew. Jen also has this creepy doll ornament project on her website.

Bat mobiles

In previous years, black paper cut into bat shapes have swarmed her walls. In this year’s Halloween house design, simple black bat outlines hang from the light fixtures, transforming a Sputnik into a Spook-nik.

This Halloween firescreen is lit

This Halloween-hued firescreen is easy peasy to make, and could even be used as a wall hanging if you don’t have a fireplace. Jennifer shows exactly how to make this DIY project on her website.

Googly eyes and globes

I love the simple idea of anthropomorphizing pieces of furniture. Giant googly eyes or even cut-out construction paper shapes could make a simple, sweet table look like a monster. And if you have any globes in your decor, take the opportunity to create a traditional jack-o-lantern face pattern for a quirky decor addition.

Spooky sand

I almost didn’t spot this bit of a clever Halloween-themed decor the first time I viewed this photo. The bowl of mini gourds grabs your attention first. But check out the plant in the background. I love the idea of an easy black and orange sand art project.

Arachnids and lace

Doily, meet black spider cut out. Craft done.

Don’t lose your head

Grab an old baby doll head, cut the top off and transform it into a spooky planter with an air plant!

Cut it out

Some paper or vinyl cut outs of creepy shapes — bats, spiders, spider webs, rats and more — placed around the house can do a ton toward making your home feel Halloween ready.

Even more Halloween decor inspiration →

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