A Lord of The Rings Meets The Flintstones Home is on the Market

A truly unique property is on the market just outside of Eugene, Oregon. A little bit Shire, a little bit Bedrock, the home is an otherworldly, one of a kind spot. The property, built in 1988, sits on just under an acre of land and consists of eight rooms with concrete art, skylights, and up-cycled wood. It needs a lot of work, but for the right buyer, could be a lot of fun— especially since it’s priced under $200,000.

Originally built by a local pastor, Bob Adams, the home was originally covered in plastic sheeting and soil that acted as a sort of natural insulation. It worked apparently, “you could live in that house, in that Lane County climate, and not burn a watt of electricity, as far as heating is concerned,” he said. The skylights provided plenty of natural light even when the home was largely underground. They sold the home to someone who let it fall into a state of disrepair, until the current owner bought it as a foreclosure property and made the Lord of the Rings inspired updates.

The 1,826 square foot home needs a lot of work, and is priced to reflect that at $175,000. The roof still needs to be waterproofed and the electrical wiring is bare. It also needs lighting fixtures and appliances and cabinets. While pretty far away from a blank slate, it leaves plenty of room for customization and modernization. The home is also located in a community with other unconventional houses, including geodesic domes and homes modeled after castles. You can see more on Zillow and read more about the home’s history on The Register-Guard.

h/t inhabitat

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