The Smartest Way to Add More Storage to Any Kitchen — Kitchn

Even the most organized among us — and even those of us who may be lucky enough to have a big kitchen — can always use a little more storage space. To that end, we say one can never have too many shelves. They’re an easy fix and, depending on what materials you use and how you style them, they can serve just as well as a decorative element as they do for storage.

Where to put them? You can (obviously) install them just about anywhere, but one of the most underutilized spots is, wait for it … on the wall between the countertop and your upper cabinets.

We love this stunning renovated kitchen from Nicole, the blogger behind The House Diaries — especially the shelves! Because they’re made of rustic wood and metal, they give the pristine white cabinets a sense of heritage. They look great and, of course, they’re functional.

Shelves mounted on a backsplash are easy to access, so it makes sense to stash your most-used items, like spices and everyday dishes, there. You can keep essentials at the ready without hogging up valuable real estate on your counter.

In a kitchen without backsplash tiles, shelving can add a decorative element that was missing before, whether you want something rustic, or a pop of color, or a clear acrylic shelf that adds storage without distracting from your decor. And depending on the size of your kitchen, you could easily add a few linear feet of storage.

Would you put shelves between your cabinets and countertop?



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