16 Clever Ways to Save Money that We’ve Never Thought of Before

There are simple ways to save money: Things like bringing a homemade lunch to work instead of buying it every day, brewing your own coffee at home, using apps that squirrel money away, and setting up automatic transfers are all pretty straightforward. But there might also be ways to save even more right under your nose, from little tricks you can do every day to totally reframing the way you think about money and spending.

A Reddit thread from last year asked people for their best and non-obvious tips and tricks for saving money, and while it’s full of great ideas, there were several that stuck out as thoughtful and unique, that perhaps you haven’t tried (I know I’ll be incorporating some of these into my routine!) but might want to consider.

Have a positive attitude about the things you already own.

When you buy something non-essential, match the cost and add it to your savings.

Online shoppers: let items sit in your cart overnight.

Get discounts (and free produce!) from your local farmer’s market.

Stay on budget by limiting yourself to cash only.

Take full advantage of your gym membership.

Upcycle food containers whenever you can.

Make a pro/con (well, just con) list before every purchase.

Skip extended warranties for a better investment.

Have a vegetarian week once a month.

Do your research and ask your go-to stores about price-matching.

Grab lunch at your local warehouse club store.

Always keep cereal (or another snack that won’t go bad) in your car.

Think about spending in terms of work hours, not dollars.

Set aside every $5 bill you get.

Don’t carry small bills, so you have to think about every small purchase.

For more money-saving tips, you can read the rest of the thread on Reddit.

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