7 Brilliant Kitchen Storage Ideas to Steal from Real-Life Tiny Houses — Kitchn

While most of us probably couldn’t stand the idea of living in a tiny house, we can all stand to take some ideas from these minuscule dwellings. Even if you don’t have to put your bed in a loft over the kitchen, there are still plenty of smart ideas for your own kitchen — whether it’s 50 square feet or 500.

1. Hang things wherever you can.

We’ve seen utensils and baskets hung from rails along backsplashes, but never pots. Turns out, as this 196-square-foot tiny house proves, they look totally fine out in the open like that. Think something might not look great hung up? Try it and see. You might be pleasantly surprised.

2. Add shelves to the sides of cabinets.

If your cabinetry opens out to the rest of your room, like in this tiny house featured on Country Living, put that space to good use with a few shelves on the ends. You could use them to house plants (cute!) or more practical items, like cookbooks and dishes.

3. Don’t overlook the space above your stove’s hood.

This kitchen, another one from Country Living, makes use of wasted space between the appliance and the ceiling. It’s the perfect spot for smaller dishes or things you might not use that often.

4. Add a fold-out table.

Lora, a Georgia-based educator and blogger who lives in a 230-squar- foot custom Tumbleweed Tiny House, has a fold-out table in her kitchen for when she needs more counter space. We’re guessing you could use the same, right?

5. Consider a custom cabinet.

Custom cabinetry sounds like something expensive, right? It doesn’t have to be — especially if you only need one piece. This kitchen, from Ana White, gets extra cabinetry from one custom piece. See that rustic cupboard on the wall on the left above the pipe coat hooks? It actually slides along the wall so that people in the kitchen can access it from the other side. The point? If you can’t find what you need, see about getting it made for you.

6. Put shelves between the studs.

If you don’t have room to hang shelves (because they’ll protrude out too far and take over your walking space), try adding shelves in the wall between the studs. The owners of this tiny house use their shallow shelves as a little tea and spice station.

7. Turn your sink into extra counter space.

This model from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses comes with a perfectly cut piece of wood that slots into the sink opening to create extra storage. You can copy the idea in your kitchen with any extra-large cutting board — just place it over your sink and get to chopping.

See the plan: The Pequod Tiny House at Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Could you ever live in a tiny house? Tell us in the comments!

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