Tiny House Enthusiasts Will Love This Minimalist Jewelry

Look closely: these tiny, handmade, concrete homes are actually necklaces. Brooklyn based architect and designer Ryan Kahen crafts these stunning, “architecturally inspired, minimally designed” wearable structures in custom molds.

There are brownstone, house and turf house designs available, as well as geometric shapes and a pretty bad ass “crystal” pendant. Varying in size from .5″ inches to two inches, their small size keeps them from appearing too heavy or bulky. And don’t worry, they’re made of jewelry grade concrete, so no fear of neck strain for the sake of fashion.

As they’re hand made there are slight variations with each piece, giving them an unique feel. The necklaces are available on Kahen’s Etsy store, perfect for the tiny house enthusiast or urban architecture fan with a love of accessorizing in your life.

We’re loving mini anything at the moment, including these teeny paper plants. And if you have a green thumb and want to complete the look, check out these concrete apartment building-shaped planters.

Where to shop and how to make your own jewelry:

The care and keeping of jewelry:

h/t Design Milk

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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