Before and After: From Perfectly Fine Bath to Spa-Like Space

I’ll confess: I got a bit confused when I first saw this bathroom photo. Marble(ish) tiles, white wainscoting, seaglass green walls, elegant sink/vanity, and cute little Jacuzzi? That’s the “after”, right? Nope! Of course, once I got to the real after photos, everything became clear. It’s a totally new look!

One of the biggest changes in See & Savor’s bathroom is how all of the elements are arranged. The vanity is where the half-tub and shower used to be, and the combination shower/tub are where the sink and closet used to be. Eliminating the closet opened up enough space to accommodate a double vanity, which more than doubled the under-sink storage. (Check out the original post for the Before & After floor plan.)

I’ve lived in a house with a similar arrangement to this, with a shower stall and a half-bath, and I never understood it. It seemed like both of them ended up feeling cramped, and never once did two people need to take a bath and a shower at the same time.

Although I comment on the extremely small dimensions of the in-shower toiletries cubby on every single bathroom, it seems, this bathroom is beautiful and I envy it 100%. I would definitely give up a few products if it meant having this bathroom.

The increased storage under the new sinks eliminates the need for wall-hung storage, which can make a small room feel cluttered, and even stressful when it’s perched overhead above the toilet.

In addition to the additional cabinetry, the residents also gained a huge amount of counterspace on which to spread out cosmetics or perch whilst brushing their teeth.

The white of the walls, tub, and counters makes the wood cabinets and black pendants, drawer pulls, and floor tiles really pop. The nearly all-white decor also means that the textures are especially important: the subtle streaking of the marble counters and the repetition of the narrow wall tiles truly shine. I especially love the play between the white petite rectangular shower tiles and the black oversized hexagonal floor tiles.

Styles will definitely continue to change, but the ultra-smooth surfaces and concealed storage of this bathroom feel so much cleaner (and easier to clean) than the busier bathrooms of the past, with their faceted cabinet doors and open shelving. And when it comes to bathrooms, cleanliness is one of the most important aspects—the beauty of this new room is just a major bonus. Be sure to check out the original post for detailed sourcing info!

Thank you See & Savor!



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