Deal Alert: JetBlue Has One Way Flights for as Low as $20

If you’re looking to skip town in November, JetBlue just made getting away a lot cheaper. The airline has one way flights for as little as $20 during their flash sale today.

The flights that’ll set you back just one Jackson are regional trips, like Oakland to Long Beach and Boston to New York. But there are a dozen or so other fares ranging from $30 to $50 that will get you farther afield (New York to Savannah for $30, Boston to Orlando for $50).

The dates are extremely limited—just one applicable flight on a certain day per fare—so return trips will be regular prices. But hey, you’re still saving quite a bit on one leg of your journey. Available departure dates range from October 31 to November 19 as of press time.

If such short notice isn’t your style, you can brush up on the best times to travel for Thanksgiving, or check out JetBlue’sSouthwest’s news about flying to Hawaii.

Check out all the currently available flash sale fares over on JetBlue.

h/t Travel + Leisure



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