Our Favorite Pumpkin Decor Idea Has Nothing to Do With Jack-o-Lanterns

This time of year, pumpkins decorate porches in jack-o-lantern form, or are simply left alone and displayed in groups. (Especially green and white pumpkins, which seem to be the trend of the season.) We’ve found an even better way to use the ubiquitous gourd: as a vase.

The lovely front-step pumpkin floral arrangements by Chic Vintage Brides initially caught my eye, for its brilliant use of color. The larger pumpkins were painted a stunning blue-gray using craft paint, which also gives that very “in” matte finish. After painting the pumpkins with a couple coats of paint, you’ll simply cut an opening at the top and hollow each one out to make room for your flowers.

Though you might be tempted to then fill the empty pumpkin with water, Chic Vintage Brides notes that you should line the inside with a plastic bag. Otherwise, the water will give the pumpkin a headstart in rotting. Not so cute. Or better yet, insert a tall glass or vase inside to hold the water and stems.

Whether you want to display them inside and out, here are a few more of our favorite designs to inspire your fall decorating:

White is the most versatile of the pumpkins for this idea, because they shift the focus to the arrangement inside. Plus, the color beautifully sets off pretty much anything you put inside the gourd. In this arrangement by Zevy Joy, a few deep red blooms and a riot of greenery gorgeously contrast the white pumpkin vase.

Tiny pumpkins also work brilliantly for teeny-tiny arrangements, like these from Your DIY Family. They note that these wee pumpkins aren’t even lined—they just filled each with water. Surprisingly, they lasted 5 days without any ill effects (but they do recommend changing the water daily).

If you’re not too experienced in the floral arrangement department, greenery is far more forgiving. This simple look by Room for Improvements grouped ornamental mini cabbages together in a glass, then popped it into a white pumpkin.

Or, you can use faux succulents, a la Simply Happenstance. This idea also doesn’t involve any carving at all. Instead, you glue a moss “hat” on top of the pumpkin, then add the faux succulents. So easy.

You can go one step further with the faux idea and use a craft pumpkin for the vase. (That is, if you can find any left in craft stores right now—they seem to already have moved onto Christmas.) A Pumpkin and a Princess filled a plastic pumpkin with artificial stems in a white and tan color palette.

What do you think of this look? Are you excited to try it at home this fall and Thanksgiving season?

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