Yes Your Home Can Smell Like SoulCycle, Here’s How

If you’ve ever stepped foot into a SouCycle studio (it’s okay to admit it, this is a safe place…), you’ve been hit with the alluring, invigorating, and obviously soulful scent of Jonathan Adler’s citrusy grapefruit candle. If you’re more like me and consider your daily exercise doing lunges with bags of groceries up 6 flights of stairs at the end of each day, then maybe you haven’t experienced this tantalizing scent…at least not yet.

The good news is, you don’t have to spend $34 a class to get your fill of candlelit grapefruit goodness. Thanks to Popsugar, you can unleash the Soul scent at home for less and feel inspired to “get high on sweat” or “turn it up” from the comfort of your living room. Make your very own yellow candle and keep the Soul obsession alive all. the. time.

Head over to Popsugar to check out the full recipe tutorial, complete with mouthwatering essential oils and a DIY yellow candle container that could fool even the most soul-phisticated spin class attendee.



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