This NYC Hotel Is Offering a Stranger Things-Themed Stay

The staycation dreams of Netflix binge watchers are made of this “Ex-stream-ly Cozy Package,” now being offered by The Gregory Hotel in New York City this weekend to celebrate the return of Stranger Things Season 2 and Halloween.

For $249+ per night starting today (through August 30th, 2018), die-hard fans of the 1980s-themed scary stories to tell in the dark can book into The Gregory’s Stranger Things-themed package for a fully immersive binge-racing experience that includes a light-up wall tapestry, themed fleece blanket and pillow, Eleven’s Eggo waffles and other “curated Stranger Things snacks and beverages, including canned House Wine and Heathy Skoop’s Sleep Protein to help you sleep away the post-show scaries,” according to the hotel listing. Guests will even go home with a commemorative “Friends Don’t Lie” mug as a souvenir of their stay in Midtown Manhattan.

If you wished you could have booked into Netflix UK’s “Bed n’ Binge” glamping retreat earlier this summer, or visited Chicago’s short-lived “end of summer” pop-up, now’s your chance to get in on all the (sanctioned!) Stranger Things action.

Traveling through NYC for work? Per diem away, baby. Your boss doesn’t need to know how thoroughly you enjoyed your Google Chromecast and in-room entertainment during your trip.

Visit The Gregory’s website to book your room online.

(Image credit: Courtesy Tom Galle)

More ways to Netflix binge better:

h/t AP News



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