IKEA Came Up With Yet Another Clever Use For Their Magnetic Knife Holders

It’s easy for “project stuff” to pile up as you’re going about repairs or home improvements. Some people might just leave a tool or two out, while others leave behind a chaotic wake of supplies and mess. When you’re in “go mode” it can be hard to keep up with real life at the same time. If paint projects are on your agenda, then you’ll want to check out this clever IKEA hack to help keep your sink and counters clear and clean.

There’s nothing I love more than finding alternate uses for the things I already have in my home. Double bonus if it makes cleaning and housework easier, especially when you’re in the middle of projects.

Which is why I love this tip from IKEA for an alternative use for the everyday GRUNDTAL magnetic knife strip. Instead of holding your knives, why not, after rinsing your paint brushes, squeeze the water from the bristles and attach them to the magnetic strip to dry — it’s as simple as that, and it will keep your counters clear and mess-free. The best part is, you can simply take a few of your knives down and you don’t even need to install anything new.

Looking for a more painting inspiration?

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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