Over & Out: 10 Home Trends Our Readers Are Ready to Say Goodbye To

To dig into the heads of our most loyal followers, we surveyed readers last month on a bevy of topics. They revealed their favorite cleaning shortcuts, their most hated chore, even the Apartment Therapy advice that has been a game-changer for their home life. We also asked them about trends. We learned that readers are still pretty much into the whole boho look and really love colored doors (and color, in general). We also asked about the trends they wished to see crawl under a rock, never to see the light of day again. Here’s what you told us.

And while there were some surprises in the mix (I mean, who could possible be tired of flamingo prints and Dyson fans…the latter being something we didn’t realize was a “trend” per se), others weren’t that surprising. We rounded up all the answers, and found that the following 10 things should be put out to pasture (according to a sampling of our readers).

1. Brass Accents

What did brass ever do to you, dear reader? Evidently, it was just everywhere, all the time. But considering #4 below (copper) is also on the list, perhaps silver needs to come back around again as a top metallic pick?

2. Open Shelving in the Kitchen

This Top 10 listing is in no particular order, however, if we went back to look at the tally of most-hated home trends, open shelving in the kitchen would absolutely be near the top. Concerns of dust, cleanliness and tidiness were the most often cited reasons for the aversion, but we stand firm that it looks great and can make a cave-like kitchen feel much more open and inviting.

3. Marble Everything

Like brass, marble and marble-print infiltrated everything in the home decor world. Coasters, furniture, tabletop, heck, even bedding and wallpaper. But when does using the chic, luxe material cross over into obsession? We say bring on the marble, but, well, some of our readers would likely fight us on that.

4. Copper

Ah copper. The breakout star of the metallic world found its way onto nearly everything, from side tables and lighting to headphones and beyond. The rosey tone is that happy place between those who are over brass (see #1) and those who aren’t ready to dip back into chrome. Except, sorry, because evidently, no one cares about you anymore.

5. Farmhouse Aesthetic

This one actually had a few ideas rolled into it. Evidently, readers have had it with sliding barn doors, anything overdone in the modern farmhouse style, shiplap and anything that remotely whispers “Fixer Upper”.

6. White Everything

To each their own here. If all white homes are your thing, rock it. If not, by all means, splash some color around.

7. Scandi Style/Minimalism

We’re still big fans of the light, airy, minimal style birth out of Scandinavia, but many readers are ready to move on.

8. Word Art

It’s not only readers who are tired of seeing phrases like “Donut Worry Be Happy” and “For.Like.Ever” on everything from cocktail napkins to toilet paper. Contributor Julia Brenner waxed poetic about her word art fatigue in this recent article. Keep calm, and go read that if you also feel the same.

9. Millennial Pink

For as far reaching as blush and other “millennial pink” shades are, those who lived through the 1980s seem to still shudder at the mere thought of dusty rose colors.

10. White Kitchens

Oh man did our readers ever sound off on white kitchens. “No character!” “So Boring!” “Gets dirty easily.” “Enough with all-white kitchens!” All the shared sentiments about pristine white kitchens were along those lines, which makes us wonder…what color kitchens would readers love to start seeing? (Well…please do tell us in the comments below!)

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