The Under $5 Floral “Filler” You’re Passing Up But Shouldn’t

Fresh cut flowers for my home are a little luxury I like to indulge in when I can. They make my rooms feel instantly energized and just make me happier, plain and simple. Plus, according to this article, they can also prompt you to keep your home tidier, and I’ll take all the motivation I can get! The only problem is, lush and lovely arrangements, when bought repeatedly, can become a bit of an expense, which usually holds me back from always having florals on display. That is, until I ditched the actual flowers and opted for a “filler” instead.

Eucalyptus has long played second fiddle to blooms in bouquets and centerpieces, but more and more, I’ve been seeing home lovers use it as the protagonist to beautiful effect. And while fresh blossoms tend to last about a week in my home before getting a bit sad (I’ll leave them for an additional week looking pretty droopy just to get my money’s worth), eucalyptus stays perky for a solid 14 days. The best part? It costs far less than a handful of peonies or roses. I pick up a big bunch at Trader Joe’s every other week for about $4 (two bunches if I’m feeling particularly spendy).

I’ve read that you can also preserve your eucalyptus by drying it to make it last much, much longer, but I’ve yet to try that technique. The stems look so lovely and simple in just about any vignette of my home and add that touch of wild I like to see in anything too “styled”. Note that there are several kinds of eucalyptus as well: silver dollar and seeded varieties are softer and fall in a more organic arrangement, while true blue is stiffer and gives strong vertical lines.

Take a look at how others use the budget-friendly greenery in their personal spaces—it works basically anywhere!

If your rooms lean toward the neutral side of things, the sage-y green of eucalyptus is such a nice way to break things up without veering too far. The subtle touch of nature softens the symmetry of this console table in the home of designer Erin Fetherston, featured on Rip & Tan (shown above and at the lead of this post).

I just love how the true blue eucalyptus in this scene from sfgirlbybay delicately fills some negative space to the right of the black-and-white art.

From Design*Sponge, here, a handful of stems in a mason jar add life to this arrangement of objects on an antique commode. Placing the vase on a box adds height, as well.

Eucalyptus has become a fast favorite in the seasonal decor of more modern, minimal homes. It’s just festive enough and transitions wonderfully from Halloween all the way through Christmas. Take Michelle Janeen’s mantel (via Instagram) seen here. Two vases of greenery, a few white pumpkins and a pair of faux ravens is all she needed to transform her hearth into a contemporary spooky/harvest display.

To make your money stretch, take a cue from Little House of Four and spread your eucalyptus, one stem at a time, across multiple rooms in your home. Here, just one little sprig makes this powder room that much more inviting.

Another rather neutral room that sings with the addition of some soft green true blue eucalyptus. The humble furnishings in this image from AO Life are aged to perfection while the bedding is crisp, so the added bit of fresh life via the plant ties everything together.

The hanging eucalyptus in this bedroom from Love On Sunday shows another way to display the plant at home. This is likely a few preserved stems tied to a dowel, but if you struggle to figure out what to put above your bed, this could be a great solution!



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