Storage MVP: A Game-changing Solution for Tiny Bathrooms — Amazon Deal of the Day

As a longtime resident of New York City, I can say with certainty that bathroom sink space is a rare and luxurious commodity. Tiny bathrooms mean tiny sinks, and more specifically, little to no room for storage. Thankfully, there are still some simple and affordable ways to organize cramped bathroom, it just takes a little creativity.

For me, small but multi-functional organizers have been the real MVP of my bathroom storage game. Inexpensive and space-savvy, vertical storage hubs—like the one below currently on sale at Amazon—are an awesome way to keep a petite bathroom organized while scoring some unexpected storage space.

Subtle looking and compact, this sleek makeup organizer is made of sturdy acrylic and features four generously sized trays for storage. It’s designed to hold up to 30 makeup brushes and more than 20 cosmetic products, plus it spins! The revolving storage solution works Lazy Susan-style so you have 360-degree access to stuff no matter how tiny your sink is.

Even better, this savvy caddy boasts an open top, so you can stash some of your awkwardly shaped toiletries (think: foundation bottles, nail polish, and lotion) with ease. The shelves are also adjustable, so you can customize the setup to suit your individual storage needs.

Presently priced at just under $16 (for the white option), this rotating storage solution is a game changer for any sized bathroom—and not too tragic to look at either.



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