No Front Porch? Ideas to Decorate Your Entryway for Fall Instead

Whether you have an ample porch or an apartment with a tiny “entryway” (aka whatever space is immediately inside your front door), there’s always a way to make an impactful first impression on your guests. If you’re ready to impart autumnal, pumpkin-spice-dusted glory on anyone who steps over your threshold (even yourself!), we’ve got nine easy entryway decor ideas to get your foyer fall-ready.

Plentiful Produce

We love this super simple entryway design by Behr. To achieve this look, just fill a large basket or bowl to the brim with seasonal fruit (in this case, apples, but any other non-pumpkin fruit like figs or persimmons would be equally as striking), place it on a wooden chair or small table, and call it a day.

Wild Woods

Foraging for branches, pine cones, and wooden logs is not only a relaxing way to spend a day off, but makes for great rustic indoor decoration. The Trentham Estate in Australia (pictured above) has utilized a sectioned-off area just behind a door to stack their firewood, however, the same look could be achieved by stowing logs in a basket, under a bench, on a shelf, or on a number of prime entry way locations.

Preserved Perennials

A.K.A. dried flowers and/or leaves. If you’ve ever stepped on a crunchy orange leaf in the fall, you understand how dried plants can instantly evoke feelings of autumnal bliss. To adorn your entryway with dried flowers, make sure to first dry them upside down, then stick them, carefully, into a vessel of your choosing (even just a few in a small bud vase as sown here from Darling Magazine should do), hang them from the wall, or casually place them au naturel on top of your entryway furniture.

Gorgeous Gourds

Much like #1 on this list, there’s nothing quite like seeing an abundant bounty of seasonal produce right when you step through the door. The difference here is these gourds are not as easy to contain as perfectly round apples. Gourds and squash come in a huge variety of sizes and are super easy to find at your local grocery store. Play with the placement of them on your entry way table, perhaps containing a few on a tray such as in this image from Better Homes & Garden while the extra large varieties are freely propped nearby or on the floor.

Plant Printables

These vintage fall botanical printables from Blesser House are not only beautiful, but they’re free. If your budget is tight, thrift stores are a great place to score deals on frames, or go minimal and nail them up frameless.

Basic Burlap

There’s something about a table cloth that feels festive, and burlap is a versatile, inexpensive fabric that provides a rustic, blank canvas for your fall entry tablescape. Similar to this image from Better Homes & Garden, just drape a few yards across whatever table or bench you already have for a cozy vibe.

Cinnamon-Scented Stuff

We’ve made our way to the last and final fall foyer tip, and, while our alliteration may be suffering, we’ve saved the best for last. Sense of smell is most closely linked with memory, therefore filling your home with fall memory-inducing scents is perhaps the most effective way to make your home feel like the glorious season that it is. Whether it’s by way of a Trader Joe’s cinnamon broom propped next to your door, or homemade cinnamon pinecones in a basket (we love the basic chipwood version seen here in this vignette from Home Stories A to Z), tending to the old olfactory organs this fall is a must.



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