If You’ve Always Wondered Why Anthropologie Smells So Good, It’s Because of This Candle

Anthropologie is set up in a way that it’s not just a “store” but a “shopping experience.” It’s a place you stroll through, linger around, dream of living in. Part of that magical experience? The just-strong-enough aroma that fills the air, luring you across the impeccably styled threshold. I always thought the retailer’s sweet smell was a perfect marriage of all the candles they were burning throughout the store. But as it turns out, it’s just one candle (not by count, rather by scent).

Why it never occurred to me that the store would have its own signature scent is beyond my own comprehension, but alas, I’m happy to report that if you’re a regular Anthro patron (or window shopper) and have thought “what is that amazing smell?” when caressing the sale section and beyond, look no further than Capri Blue’s Volcano candle.

Kelly Cameron, a department manager at the fashion and home goods retailer, shared this tidbit in a recent post we published about how to get the Anthro feel at home.

“We always have a candle burning near the door right when you first walk in,” she said. “Usually it’s Volcano, a very welcoming universal scent that sort of draws you in.”

The smell is pretty distinctive: a little sugary, a little citrusy and seems to work year round. I myself have bought this particular candle for my own home without realizing it was the scent (it certainly smelled familiar but I couldn’t pinpoint why). While on the pricier side (the candle retails at $28+, depending on the vessel it comes in), I personally feel that the price tag is worth it, though I admit that I’m a candle addict and willing to spend $$$ on them. While cheaper big box store brands run you around $5, nothing can touch the strength and spread that a “luxe” candle gives you. My entire great room (which encompasses my living room, office, dining room and kitchen) is rich and fragrant when I light this, and the burn seems to be slow and steady, meaning it’ll last longer.

If you’re familiar with the fragrance and not really a candle person, Anthro conveniently stocks diffusers, room sprays, scented drawer liners and even hand lotion in Volcano.

Now go forth, pick up a candle or two, and get one step closer to feeling like you live in the mystical land that is Anthropologie.

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