The Air Mattress You Need to Get Through the Holidays is 60% Off — Amazon Deal of the Day

Finding enough space to accommodate houseguests in a tiny apartment is never easy. And with the holidays fast approaching, it’s even harder to find the time—or budget—to get creative with forging a decent guest suite for visitors. Except thankfully, today, Amazon is offering one of their best-selling inflatable mattresses for 60% off so you can handle the chaos of holiday visitors without sacrificing too much of your space (or paycheck).

Normally priced well above $100, consider this self-inflating airbed the Rolls Royce of the blow-up mattress world. Along with a built-in electric pump (that inflates the entire bed in about three minutes), this space-savvy sleeper is adjustable in firmness and boasts a state-of-the-art coil beam design. Translation: your guests will sleep like babies throughout their stay despite not having a proper bed.

Even better, this portable bed deflates in less than four minutes flat. So you can fold it up in the morning before you and your guests walk out the door without much time loss. Not to mention that when inflated, it’s nearly 20-inches tall, so your guests won’t ever feel like they’re sleeping on, well, the floor.

As customer W. Ching explains:

“The mattress inflates quickly as advertised, but it does make some noise. I’ve tested it out for two nights and found it very comfortable. This will be a great backup if friends or relatives visit and need to stay over, and better than a real mattress as you can pack it away. I wasn’t sure if airbeds would be comfortable, so I only bought one for our upcoming guests. Having tried it, I am considering buying a smaller size for my trunk in case I stay over at a friend’s place so I don’t need to sleep on a cramped couch. I like the additional height of these new styled air mattresses – the old ones made you feel like you were breathing all of the dust on the floor / carpets because they were so low. Great product!”

Better get a move on it. The clock is ticking on this awesome Amazon Deal of the Day.



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