15 Things You Might Not Have Thought To Dip-Dye

Putting together this post has taught me one thing: once you start checking out dip-dying tutorials, you’re going to desperately want to dip-dye everything you own. Candlesticks, bibs, shoes, and so much more! These 15 projects – many of which you can complete in less than 10 minutes – will bring color and vivacity to anything you have lying about that could use a little zest.

What’s the secret behind this super-cool, pottery-esque plant holders? Wooden doll heads! Here, they’ve been dipped in a tan dye, but you could use a more vivid hue.

Add some color to your winter home with these cheerfully dipped curtains—the cheap gauzy ones from IKEA would be perfect for this project. Then make another set come spring!

Let babies in on the dip-dye fun. Make a big batch of these and have them on hand to give whenever someone’s having a baby. They’ll look so cute splattered with yogurt and avocado, right?

Candles are an absolute must as the days get shorter, and these add color as well as dancing light. This project utilizes a whittling kit from a craft store, but you could also use candlesticks you find at a thrift store, provided they’re bare wood.

These are so sweet, and would make amazing gift baskets – and they only take 10 minutes to make!

I don’t know if I would consider this to be a “bouquet holder,” but this project is a great way to add some high-end beauty to even the humblest bouquet. Again, dip a big stack of paper and keep it on hand for wrapping flowers and bottles of wine.

Adorn your bouquets and bottles of wine with these intriguing little tassels. If you don’t already own cooking twine, this is a great excuse to finally order some.

Once you’re wrapped your gifts in dip-dyed paper, dressed them up with dip-dyed tassels, label them with these sophisticated gift tags. The feature on them doesn’t include instructions, but by this point in this post, I assume you’re all dip-dying mavens.

Would it be too much to then add dyed ribbons to your gift? Probably, but these are dark times and we can use all the beauty we can get.

Spice up your dullest socks with a quick dip in a vat of Rit. For even more ombre excitement, dye a pair of knee socks.

Slip your dip-dyed socks into dip-dyed shoes for the full look. This is a great way to spice up boring shoes – or makeover some dingy, dirty ones.

Again – would dip-dyed shoes, socks, and sweater be too much? Get whatever joy you can, while you can. Start with a cotton or cotton-blend sweater (another great opportunity to make the most of a thrift store find) and dip to your heart’s content.

These feathers are part of a DIY Harry Potter Correspondence Kit (which you should definitely make for the Potterhead in your life), but you could use them to adorn packages, place settings, and wreaths.

By this point in the post, you’ve probably realized that you can dip dye napkins – it’s pretty straightforward – but I wanted to be sure you saw this tutorial before the autumn and winter holidays. Black dips would be perfect for a dramatic and monochromatic table, grey would look good with almost everything, and deep blue would be deliciously sophisticated.

Once you’ve mastered dip-dying napkins, you’re ready to move on up to duvet covers. You’ll need a cheap 100% cotton duvet (prewashed), dye(s) of your choice, and a big old bin that can get stained.

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