Pineapples Are Coming For Your Christmas Trees

If you wandered over to Instagram or Pinterest at all during October, you probably saw your share of carved pineapples instead of pumpkins (yes, this is apparently a thing). Not satisfied with just being a symbol of summer, the tropical fruit is also aiming to take over Christmas by standing in for your fir or pine.

In a trend report this week, Pinterest announced that pineapple Christmas trees are on the rise, and while some traditionalists will scoff at the idea, we can see some pros to this practice, even if you’re not in a tropical locale. Entertain us, if you will:

  • Real Christmas trees are kind of a hassle. All the needles, all the hauling, all the vacuuming, all the little hands and paws just waiting to grab/eat it. A pineapple can sit on your counter or mantel, out of reach.
  • Even fake ones have their problems. Such as, where do you store it 11 months out of the year if you have a small space. If it’s a pineapple, you can eat it!
  • Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality. Sure, it’s because for a long time, they were so insanely expensive that only royalty could have them, but hospitality nonetheless.

Of course, it’s not without its cons. A fresh, whole pineapple will only last about two to three days at room temperature, so you’re either decorating your pineapple on Christmas Eve, or you’re swapping them out every few days (perhaps this is less of a problem and more of a personal challenge if you love to eat pineapple).

Plus, there’s not a lot of surface area. You’re probably either going with string lights or ornaments, sunglasses optional. But, if you’re anti-tree for space reasons, then this is maybe a pro for you.

Personally, I don’t decorate for any holiday (I’m lazy and live in an apartment with a precious few square feet of storage), but I do love pineapple. Maybe those wacky trendsetters are on to something.

Are you sweet on pineapple trees or does the idea make you prickly? Tell us in the comments.



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